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Season 4

Wednesday, December 28, 2022 #158: Developing Your Leadership Skills with Jim Saliba

EXPERT GUEST: Jim Saliba is a certified coach, trainer, and public speaker with a BA, MBA, and over thirty years of experience in the leadership world...

Wednesday, December 21, 2022 #157: The Power of Networking with Jonathan Rosenfeld

EXPERT GUEST: Jonathan Rosenfeld is an attorney in Chicago, Illinois concentrating in cases involving serious injury and wrongful death. Mr. Rosenfeld...

Wednesday, December 14, 2022 #156: Starting Your Entrepreneurial Journey With Howie Zales

EXPERT GUEST: Howie Zales, Emmy Award-winning Camera Operator, and the TV Crew Talk podcast host. Howie turned his passion for television broadcasting...

Wednesday, December 7, 2022 #155: How to build wealth like the top 1% with Jerry Fetta

EXPERT GUEST: Jerry is the owner and founder of Wealth DynamX. He helps clients all over the country simplify their money, so they can stop losing m...

Wednesday, November 30, 2022 #154: The Entrepreneur Mindset with VK Lakkineni

EXPERT GUEST: VK is a digital marketing entrepreneur, Amazon bestselling author, and technology enthusiast with a passion for marketing, strategic bu...

Wednesday, November 23, 2022 #153: How to get high paying clients for your business

EXPERT GUEST: LUKE CHARLTON In 2013, Luke Charlton (AKA: The Aussie Hermit) decided to quit his comfortable 6-figure/yr government job, move halfway a...

Wednesday, November 9, 2022 #152: How to improve early education teaching using technology

EXPERT GUEST: DREW VERNON Drew is the marketing director for tonies, where he leads Tonies for Teachers, partnering with schools, museums, and librar...

Wednesday, November 2, 2022 #151: How to make progress

Three essential elements for success. 1.Action 2. Direction/Attention 3. Focus --- Send in a voice message:

Wednesday, October 26, 2022 150: Creating Your Millionaire Plan with Tony Bradshaw

EXPERT GUEST: TONY BRADSHAW Tony Bradshaw - the builder of future millionaires. He is on a mission to battle poverty by providing financial hope, educ...

Wednesday, October 19, 2022 149: 5 Ways to Build Resilience

Sharing ways to become resilient. --- Send in a voice message: Support this po...

Wednesday, October 5, 2022 148: Scaling Your Business With Ryan Niddel

EXPERT GUEST: RYAN NIDDEL Ryan Niddel is a CEO, Board Member and Entrepreneur. He is also the leading authority on improving revenue of companies by i...

Monday, October 3, 2022 147: Seven Income Sources You Should Know

7 Income streams you need to know. Earned Income Rental Income Dividend Income Royalty Income Business Income Capital Gains Income Digit...


on 2/22/2023

Hey Bola, thank you for sharing your knowledge. Your insights and ideas have helped me specifically at work.

view on Apple Podcasts
on 6/22/2020

Refreshing break from the baseline!

view on Apple Podcasts
on 5/27/2020

What a positive podcast! I just love the energy and it's giving me the courage to pursue things I previously thought I couldn't!! I'm hooked!! Laura McD

view on Apple Podcasts
on 5/27/2020

A very thoughtful podcast, offer great advise and insight on life!

view on Apple Podcasts
on 5/16/2020

Bola knows what he is talking about! He makes such positive points about how to improve your life. He also talks so calmly that it calms me down. You need this podcast in your life

view on Apple Podcasts
on 5/11/2020

Great podcast, awesome host, give it a listen.

view on Apple Podcasts
on 4/8/2020

Very motivating! Provides excellent advice on how to advance in your career! Great for entrepreneurs! Host is engaging and entertaining! Looking forward to more episodes!

view on Apple Podcasts
on 1/9/2020

This is super interesting and amazing podcast. I love so much listen to them 24/7 keep it up!

view on Apple Podcasts
on 1/9/2020

Enjoy this Winners ways podcast. Please make more!

view on Apple Podcasts
on 12/17/2019

Thank you for all the insights, I love to learn from you!

view on Apple Podcasts
on 12/16/2019

Thank you for the great insights that you share with the listeners. I enjoyed the episode about the interview question - Tell me about yourself.

view on Apple Podcasts
on 11/26/2019

So well podcast! Amazing!

view on Apple Podcasts
on 11/25/2019

love it. keep it up!

view on Apple Podcasts
on 11/25/2019

Love this podcast! Want to more episode.

view on Apple Podcasts
on 10/10/2019

Thanks so so much for this week teaching on home 🏡 buying. I learned a lot. You teach me to be patient and not to rush and buy a home 🏠. I will put all the lessons to practice. Thanks once again.🎉�...

view on Apple Podcasts
on 8/30/2019

I enjoyed listening to this podcast. You shared lots of information , real life examples and ideas that will help me to achieve my financial goals. Thank you!

view on Apple Podcasts
on 2/10/2019

If you are looking to stand out in your career path. This is the podcast to listen to. The content discussed here are relevant to daily life application. I really enjoyed it.

view on Apple Podcasts
on 1/27/2019

Thank you for taking time to provide us with all the nuggets. This is an excellent Podcast and I believe all of us will benefit from it.

view on Apple Podcasts
on 1/20/2019

This is the absolute truth! If we look around us, there are so many things we own that can easily yield us income. I really enjoyed listening to this podcast & learnt so much from it. Thanks so much f...

view on Apple Podcasts
on 1/18/2019

This is just another success to add to Bola’s already fantastic portfolio! This podcast deliverers high quality content that stimulates your mind and motivates you to continue to follow your passion. ...

view on Apple Podcasts
on 1/13/2019

To have a forseeable financial future, the trainings in this podcast are packed with a lot of information that can produce the future everyone desires. I have listened to some of the trainings and wil...

view on Apple Podcasts
on 1/11/2019

This whole podcast is really motivational and very powerful. This is my first time listening to a podcast and I’m very happy that I was fortunate to listen to this one.

view on Apple Podcasts
on 1/6/2019

Very inspiring! A lot of information and very motivating!

view on Apple Podcasts
on 1/4/2019

When I saw that this podcast is focused on leveling up in all areas of life, I was all-in and on-board! All the topics of the episodes I just downloaded are relevant to this phase of my life. Achievin...

view on Apple Podcasts
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